Why don't we help each other, why do we hurt each other, did not the Creator put us all on this earth in order to worship Him and get to know one another? Why don't we love each other, why do we hate each other, is not Ādam & Eve every human beings' father and mother? Why don't we make peace with each other, why do we fight each other, are we that evil that we would abandon, hurt and even kill our sister and brother? Why don't we give to each other, why can't we live with each other, when is the last time you told your mother, wife, sister or daughter that you love her? Why don't we walk with each other, why don't we talk with each other, why don't we support AWESOME-NONPROFIT before it hits home and he stalk, abuse and maybe even kill your daughter, sister or mother? Why don't we assist each other, why do we deceive each other, why do we talk behind each other's backs as soon as we leave each other? Why don't we support what's right, why don't we join AWESOME'S fight, why don't you go to awesome-nonprofit's GoFundMe page and donate at the least $5.00 tonight? ~ By Saadiq Abul-Qalam~

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A Woman is more Beautiful than a Rose,  more valuable than any jewels, she deserves to be honored, respected and protected and put before any of man's written rules. A Woman has birth all of us rather she's still living or has past on, but respect for all Women should never depart from a male even after his mother is gone. A Woman should never be abused and there's no exception to the rules, we need to promote this in the streets, in our homes and most definitely teach it to every young boy in our schools.  A Woman is a Precious Blessing which The Creator has put on this earth, she should be attended to in a very special manner regardless if man was put here first. A Woman should always be protected and a male's hands should never be placed on her to cause any harm, we need to educate and elevate our young girls and women that any kind of weird or disrespectful behavior sets off the

 potential abuser alarm. A Woman's safety and elevation is all of our responsibility, assist AWESOME with Our mission with rescuing, educating and elevating the women in our community.~

By Saadiq Abul-Qalam

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~LET'S PLANT AN AWESOME SEED AND GROW AN AWESOME TREE~ When I evaluate the world and look at the condition of the people, many of us are in disarray like way back in the day during the times of Noah's Ark, Moses splitting of the Sea & the prophets in between, it seems like we're the sequel. ~ I'm the kind of man who always try to come up with a solution so I let my mind roam free, as my mind travels on its journey I

conclude that I would plant an Awesome Seed and grow an Awesome Tree. ~ This Tree would possess all kinds of answers and would be admired by all the worlds: the ants, the birds and the bees and would bring peace amongst our boys and happiness between our girls. I understand the world is not meant to be an Utopia, but at the same time it shouldn't be so violent to the point it's like a death trap, and a woman should never be abused, not even with a tap. ~ Assist Awesome-nonprofit with elevating women in general and rescuing Abused Women from their cage, we need you to give all you can so please go to www.awesome-nonprofit GoFundMe page. All women and girls in our society should be protected, loved and able to live a life that's free, So join Us with our mission of planting an Awesome Seed and growing an Awesome Tree.

There Used To Be a Time When Families were close, the neighbors looked out for one another and the men wasn't like ghost. We formed a village and that village is what it took to raise a child, it was the norm to give the greetings and have them return with a smile. Friends were genuine and strangers showed concern, and whenever anyone had a problem we would unite and find a solution so that we all could learn. Let's take our neighborhoods back, let's stand-up for what's right, and let's start off by donating to AWESOME so that you can assist us with our fight. The fight against the abuse of Women in any shape or form, give whatever you can so we can protect our girls and women from harm. Come stand with us and show you care, bring a smile to our face and wipe away our tear.  By Saadiq Abul-Qalam ~ Visit our GoFundMe page and donate what you can.


A Diamond's beauty is rare, its picture stays planted in your mind, it's precious and special and its comparison is hard to find. A Diamond is valuable many times with prices that's hard to imagine, compare to all the other stones it's ranked number one in the precious jewels Beauty Pageant. When it comes to a Woman, a Diamond doesn't stand a chance, because the natural beauty of a Woman puts a real man's mind in a trance. She's the Queen of the earth, and She possesses the greatest Beauty in the world, when a Woman is in the room she turns a Diamond into a Pearl. Without a Woman on this earth, man would be lifeless, and when trying to figure out her worth, the reality is a Woman is Priceless. ~ Support https://www.gofundme.com/awesome-non-profit-building-fund