We Are A.W.E.S.O.M.E

(Abused Women Elevated Sherell's Ongoing Memory Echoed).


Our mission is to rescue, assist, educate, motivate and elevate abused women, and women in general, worldwide, in any helpful way possible. We welcome all of you with open arms. We also ask you to donate to our project, so that we can purchase a building where we can house abused women. No amount given is too small. Your time, energy, etc. is greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed.

I/We can do it, and help A.W. E. S. O. M.E. Elevate Women Worldwide. 


-Cassandra Baker-Fielder

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A Diamond’s beauty is rare, its picture stays planted in your mind, it’s precious and special and its comparison is hard to find. A Diamond is valuable many times with prices that’s hard to imagine, compare to all the other stones it’s ranked number one in the precious jewels Beauty Pageant. When it comes to a Woman, a Diamond doesn’t stand a chance, because the natural beauty of a Woman puts a real man’s mind in a trance. She’s the Queen of the earth, and She possesses the greatest Beauty in the world, when a Woman is in the room she turns a Diamond into a Pearl. Without a Woman on this earth, man would be lifeless, and when trying to figure out her worth, the reality is a Woman is Priceless. ~ Support https://www.gofundme.com/awesome-non-profit-building-fund

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